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Harbor Shores Resort

Commemorates 10-Year Anniversary with New Digital Series

BENTON HARBOR, Michigan (August 20, 2020) — This year marks the ten-year anniversary of the grand opening of the Harbor Shores Resort project. To help celebrate this important milestone, Whirlpool Corporation and Harbor Shores are releasing a four-part digital series that tells the story of how the community worked collaboratively on multiple projects, including the resort development, as part of a multifaceted transformation of the surrounding Southwest Michigan area. 


A major component in the revitalization of Benton Harbor has been the growth of several of its area community partners.  Part one of the digital series highlights the enduring relationship and commitment Whirlpool has to its community partners, and features unique, personal stories of those most impacted and the significant accomplishments these relationships have produced over the past ten years.


The history of Southwest Michigan and the transformation and collaboration of the entire community is not only a remarkable accomplishment, but an incredible testament to what is possible when people unite for the common good. The story of the economic transition of Benton Harbor includes multiple businesses and commerce including restaurants, retail, tourism, housing and residential developments, as well as the growth in arts and entertainment.  Video three of the four-part digital series details the growth of the area and includes interviews with local business leaders who detail the historical background and the diversity of the economic transition that Harbor Shores has ignited.


Through new businesses, residential development like Edgewater and the HOPE VI program, parks and community spaces like Bluffside and a championship golf course, the Benton Harbor area has undergone a significant physical transformation. The third video in the digital series highlights how the community came together in the development of Harbor Shores and how the property has been a catalyst for the further physical transformation of parks, recreation, tourism and residential developments. It also tells the story of how this incredible physical transformation has helped Benton Harbor gain the reputation of a great place to “work, live and play.”



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