Harbor Shores Architecture


Architectural continuity and a respect for context are vital concepts in the development of Harbor Shores physical environment. The design vision of Harbor Shores is to establish a sense of place which captures the charm of historic, small town America while at the same time providing for an array of modern indoor and outdoor lifestyles desired amongst the most sought after lakeside resort. The stylistic approach which Harbor Shores shall incorporate throughout the architectural program is based upon the Coastal Shingle Style which is truly a representation of American architecture. Originating at the turn of the 20th Century in the coastal towns of the Northeast, the Shingle Style originated with the summer residences of the wealthy Industrialists who were in search of an architectural flavor which represented their vacation lifestyles of leisure and entertainment. The informal yet vibrant essence of the Shingle Style is characterized by:

  • Shingles as primary cladding material
  • Asymmetrical floor plan
  • Rambling and ambiguous building massing
  • Broken roofline and various roof elements in differing shapes
  • Integrated turrets, balconies, verandas, etc.
  • Eclectic detailing yet limited ornamentation

This distinctive look, though originally conceived to be a short-lived trend in American Architecture, has become a basis of design in waterfront communities throughout the Northern part of the country.


The natural beauty of the Harbor Shores landscape will be preserved and enhanced as the property grows. Homes are carefully sited and disturbed areas are limited to minimize their impact on the land. Landscaping plans enhance the native habitat by using indigenous vegetation. Wherever possible, trees are preserved and protected to enhance the beauty and value of properties within the estate.

Architectural Review Commitee

Site planning, as well as architectural and landscape design, are controlled by the Architectural Review Board (ARC), a permanent committee of Harbor Shores Master Association. The ARC exercises control to:

  • Oversee a harmonious development of Harbor Shores
  • Preserve and enhance the natural environment and beauty of the property
  • Preserve and enhance the privacy and tranquility of individual homesites
  • Assist Owners in obtaining maximum utilization and enjoyment of their property within the applicable rules of the Club