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Ruling Issued on Harbor Shore vs. New Products


Article: On behalf of the countless community members, not for profits and local governments that have been involved and engaged with Harbor Shores and the ideals it represents for positive redevelopment of the community, the ruling by Judge Donahue is outstanding news.

As we understand it, the Judge adopted every fact, every argument, every legal theory put forth by Harbor Shores and rejected those advanced by New Products. In effect, we believe the Judge clearly ruled that Harbor Shores acted in good faith and followed proper protocol in acquiring a specific parcel of property along what is now the 18th Fairway of the jack Nicklaus Signature Golf course at Harbor Shores.

The years in which this litigation has been ongoing has consumed tremendous resources, resources that could have better applied for the mission of Harbor Shores. Namely to eradicate the area of old obsolete parcels of property and instead create a 525 acres planned development within the Cities of Benton Harbor, St. Joseph and Benton Charter Township that is one piece of a multifaceted community redevelopment strategy.

We believe this Ruling should bring to an end any questions relative to the rightful ownership of the property along the 18th Fairway and Paw Paw River. We should all now look forward to the future of continued growth in the community. To that end, I especially want to point out that New Products and its ownership, leaders and employees have been longstanding and important members of our community. The company creates commerce for the area and we have great respect for the important role New Products and its people play in enhancing Michigan’s Great Southwest.

We respect New Products and we want nothing but the best for the company and all people associated with it.